Jewellery, Gold & Silver

Why sell your gold, silver, and antique jewellery at auction?

There are two good reasons why you should consider selling your antique gold and silver through British Bespoke Auctions.


Local solicitors regularly instruct us to sort and sell jewellery from various estates. You can trust us to separate and identify the various gold purities and test for these free of charge where there are no hallmarks. There can be a very big difference in the value when this is carried out honestly.


Our specialised knowledge allows us to identify pieces of jewellery that could have much more than intrinsic metal value. Most finds are in handed down boxes of “Grandmother’s costume jewellery”.
One example is a set of Fabergé gentleman’s dress studs, pictured above, which auctioneer Nicholas Granger identified.
They were sold for an incredible £9,500. Even taking sale charges into account, you can end up with much more in your pocket by selling your gold & silver jewellery at auction.

Gold watches are very sought after by collectors.
A customer recently entrusted us with a gentleman’s Rolex which achieved £1,200 at auction.

Gold coin including sovereigns also sells very well.

Silver Cutlery, Tea Sets, Salvers & Proof Coins are other examples of items that can achieve a great deal more by sale through auction rather than simply being sold for scrap. We were asked to sell a George III silver tankard which sold in a recent Sale for £2,000 – the intrinsic metal value was just £600.

We are happy to give you a free auction estimate, and hopefully find some treasures at the same time!
Please contact Nicholas Granger direct by email or use our Contact Form.

We look forward to hearing from you.