Thinking of selling Sculptures, Works of Art and Garden Ornaments at auction?

British Bespoke Auctions work hard to achieve the best prices for all vendors. Our auction house, offers British and European Sculpture, Works of Art and Garden Ornaments. This covers works dating from the ancient world through to the early 20th century, from antiquities right through to Gothic and Mediaeval, Renaissance, Baroque and later pieces, into the highly productive 19th and earlier 20th century. Sculpture, caskets and boxes, domestic vessels, votive objects, ivory and horn, chess sets, walking sticks, decorative pieces, and much else besides is included in this category.

We handle sculpture and objects in a variety of media, including wood, bronze and metal, ormolu, marble, alabaster, stone, terracotta, bone, ivory, clay and plaster. Including pieces decorated with enamel work, gilding, painting, lacquering, pen-work, pietra dura, scagliola, micro-mosaic, marquetry and many other variations.

Architectural elements, as well as garden scientific instruments such as sundials and armillary spheres, are also offered.

Metalware also features, covering a vast range of objects in cast and wrought iron, copper, tin, zinc and other metals, and alloys such as pewter, brass, bronze and stainless steel and made either for decoration or use in the household.

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