Henry Brocklehurst’s American West Coast Jewellery Collection is a dazzling testament to his passion for rock and roll culture. With an eye for the extraordinary, he has meticulously curated a collection over the past two decades that embodies the spirit of rebellion and extravagance.


Each piece in this unique assemblage tells a story of music, freedom, and individuality. Brocklehurst’s jewellery is not just adornment; it’s an artistic expression of the West Coast lifestyle. Featuring rare gemstones, intricate metalwork, and designs that defy convention, these are not ordinary pieces, but capsules of the West Coast’s vibrant music scene and its fearless, non-conformist attitude. From guitar-shaped pendants to rings adorned with iconic rock and roll symbols, every item is a masterpiece.

This is a collection that resonates with those who appreciate the fusion of art, music, and fashion; a true treasure for aficionados of the rock and roll lifestyle.

The crowning jewel of this collection is Brocklehurst’s Rolex Day-Date 18ct Yellow Gold Diamond and Ruby Face Wrist Watch.

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