Auction Dates

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 Sale Day
Viewing Day
December Weds 19th Tues 18th
Consignment Deadline
 Viewing Day
Sale Day
January Mon 21st Tues 29th Weds 30th Winter
February Mon 18th Weds 27th Thurs 28th
March Mon 18th Tues 26th Weds 27th
April Mon 15th Weds 24th Thurs 25th Spring
May Mon 20th Weds 29th Thurs 30th
June Mon 27th May Tues 25th Weds 26th Specialist
June Mon 17th Weds 26th Thurs 27th
July Mon 15th Weds 24th Thurs 25th Summer
August Summer Break    
September Mon 16th Weds 25th Thurs 26th Autumn
October Mon 21st Weds 29th Thurs 30th Halloween
November Mon 28th October Tues 26th Weds 27th Jewellery
November Mon 18th Weds 27th Thurs 28th
December Mon 11th Weds 18th Thurs 19th


Our Auction Catalogue goes online on the Friday before the sale.
We are open for viewing on the Wednesday before every sale from 9.00 am until 6.00 pm.
Auctions commence at 10.30 prompt.
Our auctioneers deal with approximately 100 lots per hour.

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