Supporting Parrots in Costa Rica

British Bespoke Auctions is delighted to contribute regular donations to the Parrot Rescue Centre of Costa Rica.

In Costa Rica, it is estimated that one in every four households owns an illegal parrot. 

The Parrot Rescue Center of Costa Rica is a non profit rescue centre, where the primary focus is to rescue, rehabilitate, and, whenever possible, release parrots that have been kept in captivity illegally. It is a pivotal goal of the PRC Mission to release as many birds as possible so that they can fly free. For those that are unable to be released, they provide a permanent, safe environment that fulfils their physical, mental and social needs. 

Most of the parrots at the centre were either abandoned or confiscated. Most were kept in extremely small cages, with metal rod perches, and subsisted on a diet of pure sunflower seeds. Some have developed behavioural disorders, while others have become too domesticated and lack the skills to forage for food or to avoid natural predators. Several have sustained permanent physical disabilities due to collisions with vehicles, buildings or electric cables.

The PRC has already rescued and rehabilitated more than 70 parrots.

Nicholas Granger, owner of British Bespoke Auctions, is delighted to help the Center:

As a keen parrot owner of many decades, I’m delighted that British Bespoke Auctions is able to donate regularly to the Parrot Rescue Center of Costa Rica. It’s appalling how these beautiful, intelligent birds can be kept in such terrible conditions, and the Center is doing an incredible and difficult job in rescuing as many as they can. If you’ve ever visited the salesroom and met Bella, you’ll know what I mean. I would encourage everyone to visit the Centre’s website and make a small (or large!) donation.

​You can find the Centre if you click here.