Dear Sir

Real feedback from real customers

We love to hear from our satisfied customers. Here’s a selection of genuine, unsolicited comments.

From LE, December 2020:

I just wanted to thank you for the purchase I made, which arrived today. It has been a pleasure dealing with your auction house. You are a very professional outfit and I look forward to buying from you again.

JWB is also very pleased with our packing in December 2020:

Just wanted to say thank you for your great and efficient service – all 12 boxes of books received today, all very well packed. Look forward to dealing with you again (although your packing department might not be so happy!)

RH loves our packing service, November 2020:

RH: Thank you, items received this morning, in excellent shape due to very good packing. All the best.

August 2020 brought this from SM:

SM: Send a thank you to your staff member “Poppy” please, both my lots received safely on Thursday afternoon. Thank you for providing such interesting material in your auctions.

In July 2020 JG loved our shipping service:

JG: Hello Sheena, we received our parcel yesterday and would like you to pass on our appreciation to your packers of the immense skill and care they used in packing our lots, some of which were very awkward and heavy. Looking forward to next time.

Hello Sheena, we received our parcel yesterday and would like you to pass on our apprecaition to your packers of the immense skill and care they used in packing our lots, some of which were very awkward and heavy.Looking forward to next time.All the bestJohn

We had some nice comments in June 2020:

SP: The 45’s arrived today and although I haven’t checked each lot yet, I have to say that your packing department is a credit to you. Superbly packed. I am in the 45’s mail order business and I couldn’t have done it better. Many thanks to them and also to you for getting it out quickly after payment.

HN: Thank you so much for your help Nicholas – I’ll be sure to recommend you to family & friends!

PS: Thank you for your incredibly prompt reply. I think that may be the fastest response I’ve ever received to an inquiry through

During May 2020, TW wrote:

I purchased a fantastic decorative owl group online in your May auction for my collection, and due to its size and fragility it was personally delivered in perfect order by the true stylish gentleman Nicholas Granger.
I am absolutely delighted with the piece, but even more impressed by the amazing service I received from Nicholas and his friendly and dedicated team. They were all happy, polite and offer a unique blend of old fashioned standards of trust and a truly personal, highly professional and friendly family service that I have never been given by any other auction house I have purchased from including Christies and Sothebys.
Most provincial and London auction houses have very little interest in their clients but just concentrate on swelling their coffers, and doing as little as they possibly can for their rewards. Their after service and knowledge of the items they sell is usually abysmal.
I would have absolutely no hesitation in recommending British Bespoke Auctions to anyone, and will be perfectly happy to purchase items that catch my eye in future from this truly amazing auction house.
Well done, a perfect gem in the mostly rough and tough auction world.

CL wrote in September 2019:

I just wanted say a big thank you to you all for what I considered a very successful result from my tentative, initial enquiry to you by phone to your very helpful visit to view the possible good, Nicholas, to the sales achieved.
Thank you very much, and I am sure that I will be in touch again!

BP was pleased with his August purchase:

Just a quick line to let you know, my lot has arrived safely, please pass on my thanks to the packer, for doing a quick service and a very fine job of packing for me.
Looking forward to my next purchase.

JA didn’t waste words in April 2019:

Received item on Saturday. Very pleased with book and impressed by excellent packing. 

Feedback from EP in March 2019:

Many thanks for all your helpful advice and assistance over the past few months. We have been very impressed with the friendly and professional service you provide and wish you and Sheena a wonderful time on holiday.

NH wrote at length in March 2019:

I cannot recommend Nicholas and the team at Bespoke Auctions highly enough following their expert handling of some of my late father’s possessions.

I had sent the same initial enquiry by email to 5 different auction houses to compare responses. The reply I received from Bespoke Auctions prompted me to make a phone call that led to quite a journey! They were, from that first communication, honest, understanding, respectful and knowledgeable.

When Nicolas arrived at my house following a trip to London, I had expected a short meeting, with him taking just a few of the items on display. Four hours later he left with a number of bulging boxes, including items that I honestly thought were just old junk. To my surprise, most of this ‘old junk’ turned out to be quite valuable, as I was to find out later that month when I visited the live auction together with my dog , and more than a few butterflies!

Never having experienced anything similar, I can honestly say that I am so glad that I made that phone call, and that I chose the right people to entrust these items to. Even when I realised that in all the excitement, I had mistakenly given for auction one of my late Mother’s best necklaces with some other jewellery, Nicholas did not hesitate to reassure me that he would withdraw the item and keep it safely for me. I would like to take this opportunity to wholeheartedly thank the whole team and if I ever find anything else that I think may be just ‘old junk’ , or any more blackened silver wrapped in newspaper in a suitcase in the loft, I will definitely not hesitate to make another call!.

Feedback from September 2018:

Please accept my sincere thanks for your seamless and tremendously efficient service – faultless from beginning to end. (From AB)

Thanks for the sympathetic and honest way you helped with Dad’s items. Super service, thanks so much. (From MP)

Lots of compliments in August 2018:

I am most grateful for all the work you have done on behalf of my mother & I wish you (& your parrot) all the best for the future. (From AM)
Just to say that the parcel arrived this afternoon.
Beautifully packed. Well done, this is the best auction packing I’ve seen for a long time. (From RM)
I have just received your package, the piece is in excellent condition considering the age and the distance it has traveled. Your shipping department did a fantastic job of packing. (From Dr B, Canada)
Thank you enormously for taking care of this for us, your and Sheena’s kind attention was much appreciated. It was reassuring to know it was in safe hands… Will recommend you to anyone who has auctionable things to sell. (From RC)

MM wrote in June 2018:

My name is M and I have bought in the past from your wonderful auctions. I have always been pleased with your service. I wanted to write and ask a favour if I may. I bought from you last week , lot 74 a wonderful stone carving of a monk. I am over the moon with my purchase and think it is beautiful! I am very interested if there is anyway I could get further information on this piece? It was listed as being the property of an Italian lady and was found in her childhood home in Rome, would there be any way of possibly getting further information or passing my contact details on I wonder? I would love to get additional information if at all possible as it is such a wonderful piece. Many thanks in advance.

July 2018, from DV:

As always, I get a warm welcome when I visit, which much appreciated and I like your straightforward and honest approach.

May 2018 brought this comment from JB about how we run our auctions:

What I do notice, gratefully, is that all your systems appear to be functioning brilliantly.

You start the action on time, with a minimum of futile pronouncements. The audio and video both work fine – many auctions one or the other is non-functioning.

You have the camera mounted in a useful place, in that you are easily to be seen conducting the auction like an orchestra, with interesting and expressive hand and arm movements.

Many Auctioneers have the camera mounted a few inches in front of their face so you can see up their nostrils. A lot go in for the stream of consciousness hog auctioneering style with its relentless annoying stupid patter.

PM was really happy in March 2018:

First, many thanks for so swiftly sending me a list of all the  items and the prices realized yesterday. I’m entirely happy with the amounts obtained for each Lot, which as auctioneer you worked very hard to achieve. Certainly a job well done.

Second, I enjoyed watching the auction unfold as the day progressed. It was fascinating to see what figure each of the 370 Lots fetched. I imagine it must often be difficult to predict bids, and yesterday there must have been some pleasant surprises. I particularly found guns and stamps high on the money.

 Last but definitely not least, I was delighted to meet with your wife Sheena, and the rest of the team are clearly well practised in the art of making a Winchcombe auction run smoothly and efficiently. And it did.

In December TJ emailed from Australia:

I have managed to bid successfully on Lot 221 (Double portrait locket) at the auction today. Thank you for making these lovely lots available to those of us who live on the other side of the World!

The same month, MC contacted us from New York, NewYork:

Just received the sampler today in the post and had to write you to tell you how happy l am with i‎t. I‎t is beautiful and a quality piece exactly like you indicated. I’m giving i‎t to my textile restorer to put on a fabric backing as the paper has shredded behind i‎t, and having it reframed as well.
Thanks for all your help in securing it! I‎t is appreciated.

October 2017 brought this from SG:

We are very grateful for your efforts again. We brought Mum along to see her first ever auction. (at 87 she loved it, especially Shirley’s superb cheese scones, We need that recipe!!)
Your team could not have been more helpful and friendly in accommodating us, especially in helping us gain access with the wheelchair.
Our goods were photographed and advertised well and we were very happy with the end results.
We look forward to bringing you some more near priceless French artefacts in future.
Finally, thanks for taking such good care of Freddy the Fox and finding him a happy new home for us.

September 2017, from SM:

Thank you for the information you have sent me regarding last Thursday’s sale and for auctioning my items of furniture . I am very pleased with the result.

August 2017 – RW was delighted by the amount realised by his items at auction:

I thought you’d be interested to know that the total realised by the Lalique exceeded by £500 the maximum estimates I had had from a specialist auctioneer elsewhere.  We were also very impressed by your marketing of the car mascots, such as ‘the aero collection’.

July 2017, and NL couldn’t wait for his camera:

Hi Nicholas
My Contax 645 arrived today. All looks excellent and thanks for the speedy shipping and great packing. Can’t wait to shoot with it!

June 2017, and MQ said:

Thank you for sending us the results of the sale.  We are very pleased with the results – particularly the price realised for Lot m276, the Cameo. Thank you very much for your assistance in this.  It has been a pleasure doing business with you.

It’s fair to say MJ was delighted with the service received:

Having recently purchased an item from an auction here, the customer service on my invoicing, posting and packing was superbly dealt with by this amazing company. I even had a chat with the auctioneer about my item which was simply outstanding. I cannot recommend British Bespoke Auctions any higher than excellent, and I’m happy to endorse them to anyone buying or selling.

SA loved her purchases:

Thank you for the super service today and I am very happy with the result at £80 + costs.  The 2 Chinese vases look great!

RG was pleased with our practical help:

It was nice to meet you all when we called to collect The Crested China (lots 12 – 20) , everybody was so good to us helping to pack the china. I hope we see you again in the near future.

AP appreciated our weekend reply:

From PT:  Thank you so much for your extremely quick reply and on a Sunday too!

From our Mayor’s Charity sale:

From PT:  Thank you so much for providing us with such an entertaining and successful evening for the Mayor’s Charities. You worked very hard but I hope you enjoyed the event…. especially the entertainment value of my 4 friends who won 29% of the bids!

From our August 2016 sale:

From PT:  Thank you. I thought your staff were very helpful at all times.

July 2016 brought lots of feedback:

June 2016, from EL who was pleased with the service received:

We are delighted with the items that we bought at the last auction so will definitely be visiting you again.

And VT was impressed too:

Thank you very much for my valuation and then sale of my items.
I really appreciate all the hard work you have done for me.

May 2016, from JP:

Hi, Nicholas, I have received the lot, and delighted I am with it. I look forward to doing more business with you in the future.

April 2016, and AA appreciated her purchases:

Just to say that the miniatures arrived safely and I’m delighted with them. They’re even more beautiful than the photos suggested.
Thank you once again. I look forward to many more purchases at British Bespoke.

March 2016, and FJ had a great experience with us:

Many thanks once again for all your hard work, it took a great load off my mind and made the task in hand much easier. We thoroughly enjoyed our time at the Auctions, it was a great experience and not just because of our involvement in the sale. It has been fun!

Hopefully it will not be too long before the house is on the market and we can finally relax and enjoy a long awaited trip to Canada. We will catch up when we return and many thanks again.

CP’s Jewellery arrived safely in January 2016:

Thank you so much for your enquiry – my jewellery has been received and I thank you very much for your concern. Hopefully we will do business again in the future.

TT loved our careful packaging in December 2015:

Just to let you know my figurines arrived safely today.Thank you for your careful packaging.

RF was really happy with our service in December 2015:

Today, I got around to looking at my recently received mail. Thank you for the invoices and cheque, which is now safely in my account.
Thank you again for the excellent service you gave us, which in our present circumstances is very much appreciated.  We seem at last to have overcome the problems and stress of moving house, particularly at our age, which I wouldn’t recommend to anyone, unless they have no alternative – take heed!  but, there again you have plenty of time.
Best wishes for you in your business, and be sure, I would not hesitate to recommend your services to anyone.

RS was more than happy in December 2015:

Much appreciated Nicholas. A pleasure doing business with you.
A fun experience as well, we have caught the bug!

September 2015, and KH wants to come back as a buyer:

I will definitely  have some more items to sell and will be in touch. May possibly  wait until the new year as life is a bit hectic at the moment, however, may come along to the next sale as a customer!

A sword delivery brought this from JB:

The sword from your last sale arrived safely this morning by TNT. Many thanks to the person who packed it so excellently, and for all your kindness shown when dealing with Ted and myself. Much appreciated.

JJ was pleased to receive extra information when enquiring about a lot:

Really kind of you , perfect………………. thank you so much. Rare to get such nice service these days.

New Year 2015 brought this from a customer in Germany:

The paperweights are already here – shipping and even the weights are perfect.
Thanks so much for your excellent job you have done for me. Your client service and communication were so optimally outstanding! I can not understand why I have so many problems with so many auction houses in GB, mostly with packing and shipping. Paperweight handling, packing and mailing to Germany is so easy and fast by reasonable prices.
Hope you have more nice paperweights to offer. It was like working with friends.
Thanks, thanks and thank you again.

New Year 2015 brought this from MF:

Hello, just wanted to say that the Bronze I bought from your last auction arrived yesterday. It was well packed and in great condition.

Overseas customer JK thought we did well in July 2014:

Dear Nick, Thank you. I was pleasantly surprised how well these items finally did sell for. 🙂 Once again thank you for all your work on my behalf.

She later wrote:

Hello Nick, I received my cheque in the post today. Thank you 🙂 I can now help my son and his family to have a very much need holiday! Many thanks for all your hard work on my behalf.

Overseas customer JB was pleased this June:

Thank you for the efficient process.

SP gets to the point in April 2014:

Hello Sheena. Just to say that the green mirror has landed – and in one piece! Can’t thank you enough for the super packaging and outstanding service. Kind regards, Steve

AT sent this in April 2014:

I do not normally leave feedback, but there are exceptions to every rule. I have just received Lot 309, Three Victorian Ladies from your 27th March auction. These items were extremely well packed and the address neatly written. I appreciate the quality of your service as a whole, which is very rare indeed today. I will most certainly be back to bid again.

RS was pleased to deal with us in February 2014:

Dear Nicholas, Many thanks for your e.mail regarding the sale on 7th March. I would like to congratulate you for your attention to detail, it must have been a lot of hard work to put a sale of this quality together and I sincerely hope that it proves fruitful for you and your company. I have not visited your saleroom before but intend to do so very shortly and look forward to meeting you.

RL was straight to the point in February 2014:

Thanks for your smooth handling of my bids, wish all UK dealers were as helpful.

January 2014, and SM is impressed with our personal service:

Many thanks for the time you spent with us and your advice regarding the items my mother was considering putting into auction. She has decided to go ahead with some of the items but since we have had a busy few days I’m afraid we didn’t manage to get the boxes down to you. We plan to drop them off in time for the February sale though.

DG writes from France:

I received a lot of medals 39/45 from the sale of 31/10/13.  I am very happy.  This lot will join my collection of veterans of World War II.  Thank you very much.

PP’s note is short and to the point:

Evening Nicholas – thanks for managing to fit in the the clearance at short notice – very much appreciated.

Our delivery serviced pleased SH:

Hello just a quick note to say that my table and chairs arrived safely in Cumbria, it is just what I expected and we are thrilled to bits with it. Many thanks.

DK was amazed by our speed of delivery:

Hi Bought lot 354 at your auction , you sent it Friday and I got it Saturday. Just wanted to thank you for a job well done . Regards DK.

PDM was delighted with his British Bespoke Auctions experience in June:

I am just writing to thank you very much for the superb all round service received from your auction house. Following a successful commission bid I left for a lot in your sale of 30 May 2013, on 1 June 2013 I receieved my purchase which I am absolutely delighted with. My lot was beautifully packaged and arrived safe and sound within 24 hours of paying, which included extremely reasonable P&P charges. Please pass on my thanks to all those involved. I do hope to be able to do business with your auction house again sometime in the future. With many, many thanks.

April 2013 saw LM delighted with the British Bespoke Auctions service:

Thank you so much! I am delighted that our ‘stuff’ did so well. I can’t thank you enough, the whole exercise has been so painless and the grandchildren will be delighted with their share of the proceeds.
With very best wishes LM

An overseas buyer writes:

Hello Nicholas – from Portugal Your auction details are the BEST in the Business, clear, concise, interesting. One question – if I am looking for a specific item, in my case Swarovski, is there a way in which I can obtain this info without trawling thru each item? and Bella is SO BEAUTIFUL!!! My little green Conure is already in love with her!! Kind regards L

Here’s some feedback from our January 2013 auction:

Thank you very much for sending this hat to me. I really appreciate it. I was delighted with the dolls I bought from you and for the speedy packing service you offered. I shall definitely be looking to see if you have dolls in your next auction. J B-S

December bought this praise:

I would just like to express my thanks for all your hard work at the auction yesterday, and to say that I was absolutely delighted at the outcome of the sale, especially the clock – that came as a complete surprise. I was actually at the auction initially and saw the sale of the clock which I wouldn’t have missed for anything! Thank you once again and I look forward to hearing from you. Happy Christmas to you and your family.

We received this in September 2012:

When I was in London last week I rang and provided my credit card details for payment of the lot which I secured by the internet bid and a request regarding the packing of the wire badge which was amongst the lot which I secured. I can’t recall who it was I spoke to but the gentleman was very pleasant. In any event, I am home now in New Zealand and today the package arrived; I only arrived home yesterday. I wanted to thank the company firstly for the lot which was as good as I had hoped it might be. Not only that, my request to have the wire badge carefully packaged to avoid damage with the other metal pieces in the lot was done so well. As a consequence, the package arrived with everything in great order, the particular badge of interest in particular. The entire affair was the model of efficiency. I deal with a good number of English auction houses every year and few would perform as well as Bespoke. So please pass on my thanks to all involved in my modest but important lot. I do hope we might do further business in the future.

In August 2012, VM wrote:

After despairing of finding an auction house that were knowledgeable in all aspects of antique collectors items, I came across an advertisement in the Cotswold Journal, and was delighted to see they undertook home visits, which was an added bonus. When Nicholas visited my home, he was extremely courteous, completely put me at my ease & was very knowledgeable in all areas. I was delighted with the results from the sale, & promptly called Nicholas back to insert some more items into the next sale I would have no hesitation in recommending Bespoke Auctions, having dealt with the antique trade over the years, this is one of the most professional I have dealt with.

Also in August 2012, the curator of the St. Agnes Museum wrote:

I was the successful bidder at the sale of the above palette, Lot 89, on 26 July on behalf of St Agnes Museum. The palette arrived safely on Friday and I am writing to say how pleased we all are with our purchase, with your help and guidance over the bidding process, and with the trouble you took over the packing.

3 August 2012: GF writes:

At a time of considerable stress in our lives, Nicholas Granger helped us to keep smiling; reacting quickly and efficiently to our need to dowsize urgently. We were intrigued by the online catalogues and sometimes didn’t recognise our own stuff in the lists. We were also very pleased with the prices obtained for our lots. We have no hesitation in recommending Bespoke’s services and will likely use them in the future.

June 2012: PL writes:

Nick is the most friendly, approachable auctioneer I have ever dealt with. Professional, personable, and the whole team at Bespoke Auctions are excellent, and very efficient. Good commission rates, and a tenacious attitude to really selling the lots for the best price.

RD used the form on this page to add his comments:

Very professional auctioneers of the highest integrity, and service. Which I rate as a buyer at many auctions around Gt Britain, that I attend and bid at.

VF loved her ring, bought after a conversation with Nick:

Hi, Just letting you know that I received my sapphire ring. I am so happy with it , even prettier than in the pictures . Diamonds are really bright I love it thank you.

RC was quite direct:

I deal with auctions all round the country and yours is without doubt the most helpful & professional service I have come across. Many thanks.

F says:

We were surprised at the auction list you sent of our items that were for sale as when we were at the auction we missed a few items that had sold and hadn’t realised they were ours!! That would only have added to the excitement at the time. We were very impressed with how it was all dealt with so efficiently and you had such a high sale rate also. Thanks for your help and advice.

MM was pleased with the price reached for his table:

Just to let you know I received your cheque for £**** and have paid it into my bank. Thank you again for your time and efforts.I very much appreciated your time and efforts and was delighted the table you showed us fetched such a fantastic price. What a piece! Maybe when we’re down in the area, we’ll pop into Winchcombe and visit your new premises.

EC got a fantastic surprise when we called.

“Nicholas, Hi again, When you phoned I was half asleep in a hammock in the garden! Results are fantastic, thank you, what a great sort out!! that will pay for *****’s 60th and the new boiler! from an Ecstatic *******”

MH found our service more than satisfactory:

“I must congratulate you on the speed of your reply re results. You are extremely efficient and I did so much enjoy meeting you even if my items weren’t so valuable. I shall certainly recommend you to my family and friends in Cheltenham.”

A regular customer writes:

“Many thanks for such a prompt email – we’re very pleased with the result and amazed that the two Wedgwood pieces achieved the price they did. “

Mr DW was pleased with our service:

“Thank you for the mail, the sale has now completed without issue and although sad to see the family home sold it was time to move on.  I did manage to visit 19 D******* after your team attended and was very pleased with the result, left clean and tidy.”

Mr DG writes:

Dear Nick,
Thank you again for managing the successful sale of these items, I am particularly pleased with the results of the sale of the rug.

Another customer writes:

Thanks for your professionalism. It is most appreciated.

Mr PM from Newcastle wrote:

Thank you again for your swift response.  I am arranging for the  items  to be returned to you forthwith.  Thank you for your consideration and you can be sure it is much appreciated.  I have worked in an auction house for a number of years on selected sales in Newcastle upon Tyne and it is gratifying to know that we are not the only ones who act honorably when the need arises!

Mrs. M asked for help clearing a loved one’s possessions:

At a very sad time you made it very easy to decide what to auction. Enjoyed the actual auction very much and hopefully will be a buyer next time.

Miss H. writes about our service:

We have found British Bespoke to be friendly, helpful, flexible, efficient and knowledgeable.  We used them to do a partial clearance (of furniture rather than everything), and for auctioning items (including furniture) from the house.  They were knowledgeable about what really has value at auction, and the auction proceeds outweighed the costs of the clearance.  They were easy to talk with, happy to visit to value (and even to collect small auctionable items) for free (we were 15-20 miles away).

After we sent some photos detailing the condition of some stamps we had in one of our auctions, Mr. A wrote:

Hello Nicholas

The quality of the pictures are quite good, far better that a lot of others I get, so a pat on the back is in order!!!

I have been a collector most of my life (Getting on a bit now) so it comes naturally when looking at stamps. Example, the 1d black is dirty and has a crease down the left hand side and only has three average margins, although it has a black MX it all leads to a deduction in the value, a lot of the 1d reds are damaged or torn these are worthless. Anyway I won’t bore you any more. Just to say many thanks for your time and for accepting the bids. If in the future you get any more GB then I will be most grateful of you would let me know.

Mr. G. in Romania writes:

l will express my admiration and consideration for yours professionalism. Thank you and l wish all the best. P.S. Thanks for the gesture made by Mrs.Sheena personnel to pack all goods.

This customer appreciated the trouble we take:

Dear Nicholas

Many thanks for the photocopied items from the originals sent to you by Mrs W-H.

She told me that she would be sending these to you for photocopying – no doubt not part of your usual services – so very much appreciated.

Best regards


Mr I., of Oxford, placed a commission that was ultimately outbid, but he writes:

Dear Mr Granger,

I did not win this lot, though I was on hand on the telephone, just in case your estimate was somewhere close.  The price, although probably justified was too strong for me.  I just wanted to thank you- not only for a very positive report on the book, but more generally for your company’s service.  All three people I dealt with, you included, were just so polite, friendly and helpful.  An unsuccessful, but pleasant experience. It must be a wonderful firm to work for!

I hope you will have more interesting books and that I will have another opportunity to buy something.  I look forward to it.

Kind regards,